Caroline Bay Assn, Timaru

Raffle Results

Yellow Ticket                                                                        White Ticket

1st          Ticket  3333                                                            1st          Ticket 7169

2nd         Ticket 2606                                                            2nd          Ticket 7264

3rd          Ticket 2007                                                            3rd          Ticket  7250

4th          Ticket 2993                                                            4th          Ticket  6892

5th          Ticket 2364                                                            5th          Ticket  7791

6th          Ticket 3493                                                            6th          Ticket 7842

Thanks to everyone for your support. All winners have been notified. 

Welcome to the Caroline Bay Association website. The changes we made last year will continue with concert times at 2pm and 7pm each day this year.

This programme has been updated and is now online. So to see the different concerts and artists each day, as artists will appear on the evening concert and again the following afternoon concert in most cases.

By clicking on the right hand side menu you can view each days full line up of activities and entertainment. Great artist line up of entertainers for everyone, we have games and rides etc. so be sure to make the most of the Carnival this Xmas period.

The amazing midnight Pub Charity New Years Eve fireworks display is something to see. An excellent night of family entertainment including a 2 hour concert which will be from 9 - 11pm. 

The holidaymakers are treated to fairground style rides, free daily concerts, along with a variety of activities such as Inflatables, Mini Golf, Train Rides and events, competitions, talent quest and along with entertainment by popular New Zealand and International artists.

Thanks to Hyundai South Canterbury for your support and providing transport for the artists.